"The thoughts and feelings that I had struggled with processing alone were afforded a dedicated space and time with Elizabeth. As a result, I was able to approach these struggles compassionately and with a greater sense of understanding."



‘At the beginning of this year I began to realise that I should reach out and speak with someone. A safe environment, a calm energy and a non-judgmental space is what I found during my time speaking with Elizabeth. I felt at ease speaking openly about issues that I hadn’t spoken about before; in response I was met with understanding and support."



"Therapy with Elizabeth has provided me with a renewed and reinforced sense of balance that I now recognise within myself."



"Elizabeth has all of the qualities one would seek in a Counsellor. Empathy, trust, and excellent recall to name a few."



"Elizabeth is totally present with you at all times, warm and human and manages this whilst retaining a professional response at all times I would definitely recommend her services."



"I wanted to thank you for our sessions which I have found so helpful. Thank you for being such an empathetic and kind counsellor. I have really enjoyed these sessions and felt like I worked through some things through this process."



"Elizabeth is a great therapist. I immediately felt comfortable and safe in her presence. The sessions always move at my pace and she strikes a great balance between the sessions sometimes being more self-led and sometimes being more of a two way dialogue."